Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Fiesta, a Comedy, and a Murder

Last week the Classics Corps discussed their plans for Fiesta UTSA to be held Friday, April 20th; as well as a Roman comedy to be staged at the end of the school year and a m-

Well.  To those who know, we can speak; to those who don't...we never say a word ;)

The Fiesta plans? Greek columns, a pediment, and a photo booth where the plebs can have their picture taken with the Muses after purchasing an Ambrosia.

Stay tuned for more news of our Roman comedy- we will be holding auditions during the meeting on March 8th.

Have an idea? Want help making your own god, goddess or Muse costume? Attend our weekly meetings held at 5pm on Thursdays in MH 3.04.28!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Emergency Meeting Agenda

Salve Citizens,

Some of you may be wondering about the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 21st.  The purpose of the meeting is to complete our club's registration forms; this includes risk management training, membership rosters, and an introduction of our new constitution (yay!), so attendance is very important.  If you cannot attend, please contact the Aedile.

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